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Sazerac Restaurant
1101 Fourth Avenue
Seattle , WA 98101
Adjacent to Hotel Monaco Seattle
At the corner of Spring Street

Phone: 206.624.7755
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To The Ancient Tradition of Raising a Glass

Sazerac is named for a very old cocktail. It's an amber devil that was created in the 1830s by one Antoine Amedee Peychaud (maker of Peychaud's Bitters) a few years after Jefferson negotiated the Louisiana Purchase. Peychaud, a Louisiana barkeep of Creole blood, created his Sazerac elixir from rye whisky, herbsaint, bitters and a sugar cube. A wicked concoction not for the faint of heart, you get a sense of our inspiration and where our head is at when it comes to all things bar-like.

Please don't dismiss us solely as practitioners of the dark-liquor arts, though. Granted, our mixology is adventurous (i.e., the Temptation, made with Grey Goose Poire, apple juice, lime and ginger beer, or The Jeshua Tree, made with Pear Brandy, Rum, our homemade Falernum and a squeeze of lime - all adorned with farm-fresh accoutrements). When Wine Spectator bestows an Award of Excellence upon your wine list for a "well-chosen selection of quality producers, along with a thematic match to the menu in both price and style," and the collection of beers, ales, porters and other heady draughts proudly represents the region's finest brewers, you'll realize Sazerac is not just a comfortable bar, but an extremely well appointed one at that.

Here's to your health -