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Sazerac Restaurant
1101 Fourth Avenue
Seattle , WA 98101
Adjacent to Hotel Monaco Seattle
At the corner of Spring Street

Phone: 206.624.7755
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Sazerac Restaurant & Bar Earthcare, Taking Care of Seattle

Sazerac and Chef Jason McClure are committed to environmental and social responsibility while delivering high quality products to your table. Steadfastly dedicated to a greener future, Chef Jason sources ingredients from farms, ranches and fisheries guided by principles of sustainability, with a strong commitment to local growers and harvesters. Our eco-friendly practices translate directly to your table with flavorful food of the highest integrity.

A proud proponent of Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants EarthCare program, Sazerac's practices include:
  • All of Sazerac's kitchen grease and excess cooking oils are recycled into bio-diesel fuel.

  • Chef Jason McClure's dishes feature seasonal organic and local ingredients.

  • When selecting seafood, we adhere to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program standards.

  • Sazerac serves organic coffee, tea and juices.

  • We use low-flow dishwashing spray valves and faucet aerators in bathrooms and hand-wash stations.

  • Sazerac uses only biodegradable detergents and cleaning supplies.

  • Energy efficient lighting is used in kitchen areas, and low-energy LED lighting is used for all exit lights.

  • Sazerac recycles all paper, cardboard, glass, wood, plastic and aluminum products, and does not use Styrofoam for any purpose.

  • All take-out containers and utensils are biodegradable and made from unbleached, recycled content.

  • All menus are printed on recycled paper with soy ink wherever possible.

  • Sazerac was one of the first Seattle restaurants to implement a cohesive composting program that keeps 80 to 90% of food waste out of landfills.

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